KRONELİFT; It designs and assembles elevator systems designed for all living spaces needed in elevator wells, stairwell, exterior or atrium, whether or not the elevator has a machine room, using quality materials and workmanship.

The construction of high-rise buildings gave rise to the need for high-speed elevators. Rational elevator designs, which do not require a machine room, operate with a card system (the elevator used by the selected passenger) when necessary, are being requested. Our company meets the demands by producing solutions with advanced technology products and services in line with all these needs. Kronelift is an important solution partner that is frequently preferred among elevator assembly companies in the sector.

For installation services, we have an expert team consisting of technicians and engineers. We provide each installation service based on the customer needs, project requirements, and standards in order to ensure customer satisfaction, as well as the safety and comfort of the elevators. While performing hundreds of projects over the years Our priority has always been absolute customer satisfaction during the hundreds of projects we have implemented over the years.

Why Choose Our Installation Services?

  • Our solutions for your projects range from standardized practices to fully customized elevators in order to fulfill your requirements.
  • We provide diversified and customized solutions based on the customer needs, project requirements and standards.
  • We offer one-stop service from installation to maintenance.
  • We have a professional installation and maintenance team that can visit the site and provide service when needed.
  • With our broad experience in the installation sector, we can offer you a wide range of services.
  • We have models that are designed particularly for existing buildings without elevators.
  • As an expert, for the optimum management of passenger traffic, we can advise and provide reliable solutions to you.