Elevator Modernization

  • If your elevators and escalators;
  • Serve for a long time,
  • Your building use has changed, you receive long waiting and frequent breakdown complaints
  • It gives you insecurity in your journey, it operates with high energy consumption

Its signal that it is time to modernize your elevators and escalators. It is necessary to modernize the elevator, replace parts and upgrade components. Increase the safety and value of elevators, from partial modernization to complete renovation.

Why modernize your elevator

Safety Issues

  • Elevators that are not equipped with advanced safety devices pose a high risk of danger.
  • Elevators may need to be renewed in order to comply with latest standards.

The Issue of Efficiency

  • Old components will cause lower efficiency and longer waiting time for the passengers.

User experience issues

  • Frequent problems with the elevator is bad for elderly and sick residents in the building.
  • Tenants in the apartment may move out due to elevator problems.
  • Outdated elevators may affect the value of your building.

Why choose our modernization service

  • Improve the safety of your elevator
  • Reduce the waiting time of passenger and increase the efficiency
  • Reduce the elevator maintenance costs
  • Extend the lifespan of the equipments
  • Ensure equipments' compliance with local/international safety standards
  • Provide faster and more comfortable travel
  • A variety of customized elevators for the increased comfort

"We coordinate and manage our service teams for the minimal intervention to daily operation of the building."