Since 1995

We have been carrying out elevators, escalators, marching band,

installation, maintenance and repair and modernization in our sector.

Quality and Reliability in Elevators

The reason why we are one of the leading companies in the domestic industry,

to bring new technologies to our country by following the global developments closely.

Advanced Engineering And R&D Activities

In accordance with customer demands, in line with international standards,

We combine quality products with quality craftsmanship.

About EKaptan Kronelift Elevator.

About EKaptan Kronelift Elevator

Kronelift, being one of the leading companies in the sector with 25 years of technical knowledge and an expert team, constantly develops itself in accordance with the advancing technology in order to remain as a reliable and permanent solution partner. Our company has broadened its customer portfolio by prioritizing customer satisfaction and trust, paying attention to latest technological developments, and expanding its product line.

As Kronelift, being aware of the fact that human safety and happiness are the greatest assets, with qualified workmanship, we provide high-quality products and services that are compliant with international standards while providing continuous support and resources to advanced engineering worksand R&D activities and identifying the customer needs well.

We have a wide range of products with various speeds and loads; from a dumbwaiter with 50kg load capacity to a freight lift with 15 ton load capacity. We also offer car elevators, firefighting lifts, stretcher lifts, as well as escalators.


Professional service for elevator assembly, maintenance, repair and installation