FireFighter Elevator

FireFighter elevator, also called emergency elevators; These are the elevators that are installed in order to ensure that the teams and their equipment that will respond to the fire can be transported safely, according to the EN 81-72 (Safety Rules for Elevators-Construction and Installation) standard.

At least one fire elevator is required in buildings with a building height of more than 30.50 m and a structure height of more than 51.50 m.

Fire fighter Elevators have details that require extra attention for users compared to other elevators;

  • Conforms to EN 81-72 Firefighter elevator standards,
  • Direct lighting sheet metal cabin ceiling,
  • IP 54 protection class waterproof luminaire lighting system,
  • IP 54 class contacts,
  • Cabin interior door and ladder,
  • Outside cabin exit ladder,
  • Electrostatic painted sheet metal cabin walls,
  • Aluminum cheetah pattern sheet floor covering,
  • Cabin space should be at least 1.82 m ^ 2 carrying capacity at least 750 kg.

Scope Of Aplication

Public buildings, hotels, entertainment centers, Residence etc.